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Lead an Independent
and Fulfilling Life.

Mary M.

“I’ve been here almost 13 years. I have grown very much. I think it’s the staff that works for CDS, they just care a lot. They have made me happier, and I can do things on my own. Since I’ve moved into CDS I feel like I can be open and say ‘this is who I am. I have a disability and I know I can get the support on anything I need.'”

– Mary M.,
Lives in a CDS Monarch home

“CDS Monarch is wonderful. I love the love they have here. They have compassion. They give life to people who can’t have life.”

– David B.,
Attends Blended Creative Opportunities (BCO)
David B.

“The people love me here and they understand me. I love working in Dave’s store because I’ve learned many skills and it has helped me to grow. This place means home to me.”

– Chrissy V.,
Attends Blended Creative Opportunities (BCO)

“Just nothing has compared to the services and support we get at CDS. This is the whole package in terms of support. Any time I’ve needed any support, CDS has been there, and I know they’ll continue to be there for my brother Carl even after I’m gone.”

– Chuck Fyles,
CDS Monarch Family Member
Chuck Fyles
Margie Dell

“CDS gave my brother independence. It was explained to us a long time ago that we would be holding him back if we kept him at home. He has learned so much and he is so proud to have a job. He has grown tremendously.”

– Margie Dell,
CDS Monarch & Unistel Family Member