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CDS Secure Future

Caring for Your Future

It is the mission of CDS Monarch to create safe and nurturing environments for the people we serve to help them reach their goals and fulfill their dreams.

Now, CDS Monarch is bringing a number of financial planning services together in a program called Secure Future. In addition to helping people reach their goals and fulfill their dreams, we can assist in the areas below:

CDS Monarch helps to create special trusts to protect the Medicaid benefits of disabled beneficiaries. These trusts are funded by assets owned by the individual, or assets owned by someone other than the individual (i.e. parent).

CDS Monarch will act as a financial liaison with the SSA on behalf of the individuals in our residential homes.

To those eligible, CDS Monarch can assist with providing guardianship services which include making financial and health care decisions.

CDS Monarch facilitates the Medicaid recertification process so it is seamless to you and your loved one.

CDS Monarch can assist you in identifying disability benefits such as SSI and SSP, that can augment the financial position of an individual with disabilities. Supplemental Security Income is funded by federal tax revenues and the State Supplement Program is funded by the state.

CDS Monarch will initiate the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) application process on behalf of our residents.

CDS Monarch provides guidance on end of life planning, so that sound choices can be made to honor the wishes of individuals and their families.



There are no fees associated with the Secure Future services.


You can count on CDS Monarch to support you in the process to secure your loved one’s future.

Comprehensive Care

Collaboration with CDS Monarch on financial planning is another aspect of care offered to individuals.


CDS Monarch maintains health, developmental and life planning information for the individuals served, adding financial planning to the individual’s record helps to keep all personal information in one place.

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