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Interactive and Engaging Development Opportunities

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Our comprehensive day services, clinical, and recreation opportunities are community-based and designed to help participants develop valuable life skills.

We are currently accepting applications to all of our programs! Watch the video below to learn what the application and intake process looks like.

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CDS Monarch Application and Intake Information

Four sites throughout Monroe County

CDS Monarch has four satellite locations in eastern Monroe County that offer comprehensive day habilitation services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These services are designed to promote independence and help participants develop life skills.

Each location is properly sized and staffed to create a more personal setting with individualized support. Creative Opportunities allow people to express themselves and grow through a variety of therapeutic and community-based activities.

Blended Creative Opportunities (BCO)

Located in Webster, NY, we provide opportunities for people to participate in meaningful goal-based activities. Individuals in this program have the option to participate in a combination of traditional day habilitation and community prevocational activities.

As part of this program, we also offer transitional support to people who graduate high school through development of life skills, social communication and volunteer opportunities.

Additionally, this program offers personalized programming for people looking for a quieter, slower paced setting.

  • Eligible Participants: Adults 21+
  • Location: Wolf Life Transitions Center, Webster, NY

Take a Tour of our Wolf Life Transitions Center and BCO Program:

Linden Creative Opportunities

Linden Creative Opportunities (LCO), located in Penfield NY, provides individuals the chance to participate in a variety of sensory-based activities. With its large and open layout, individuals have space to move around, join in integrated group activities and also seek out a quiet space as needed. This location is also equipped to support individuals who have higher medical or daily support needs.

  • Eligible Participants: Adults 21+
  • Location: Linden Avenue, Penfield, NY

Penbrooke Creative Opportunities

Penbrooke Creative Opportunities (PCO) provides services to people who are looking for an experience centered around physical activity, skill building, and personal growth towards independence. Community inclusion and active lifestyles are of central focus and this program is able to support individuals with higher behavioral needs.

  • Eligible Participants: Adults 21+
  • Location: Penbrooke Drive, Penfield, NY

Webster Creative Opportunities

Webster Creative Opportunities (WCO) offers a wide array of sensory-based activities and a dedicated community inclusion group that plans and participates in community outings. The individuals also often partake in building-wide activities and have regular sessions in their calming sensory room. As a traditional day habilitation setting, this program is equipped to support individuals who have higher support or medical needs.

Take a virtual tour of WCO to learn more.

  • Eligible Participants: Adults 21+
  • Location: Pen Web Park, Webster, NY

Personal and Social Development Opportunities

Without Walls (WOW)

Our Without Walls (WOW) opportunity picks up and drops off its participants right at home and gives individuals the chance to participate in volunteer experiences, collaborate with community agencies and engage in physical activities throughout the week while maintaining a focus on individual valued outcomes and skill-building goals.

  • Community inclusion is an integral part of WOW, as this opportunity does not have a home-base and operates primarily throughout the community.
  • Eligible Participants: Adults 21+

Article 16 Clinics

CDS Monarch has four satellite Article 16 Clinics throughout the Webster and Penfield areas. These clinics offer physical, occupational and speech-language therapies on-location to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who receive services from CDS Monarch.

  • Eligible Participants: Individuals who receive support from CDS Monarch
  • Locations: Wolf Life Transitions Center/ Webster Creative Opportunities/ Penbrooke Creative Opportunities / Linden Creative Opportunities
  • CDS Monarch Article 16 Clinics are hosted in collaboration with CP of Rochester/Happiness House

Community Habilitation Services

Our one-on-one and small group skill development and community inclusion program is designed to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in identifying their needs and goals to develop their skills to be more independent in areas such as: budgeting, transportation training, grocery shopping, menu planning, laundry, cooking and socialization.

  • Eligible Participants: Adults 21+
  • Skills Focused On: Budgeting, Making Purchases, Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping, and more

Autism Skill Building

Our Autism Skill Building group offers both support and peer interaction to children and teens diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Participants develop social skills, learn how to identify and cope with stress, as well as express and manage their own emotions.

Community Recreation

Our recreation/respite opportunities are therapy-based opportunities for children, teens, and adults to develop skills they need to help them live independent lives. Participants have access to a pool, fitness center, on-site recreational activities, and community inclusion outings.

**All programs require Pre-Registration**

There are a limited number of spots available each day. If your loved one is interested in attending, please register with your Recreation Coordinator to ensure your reservation.

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