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Housing for Adults with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities
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Supportive, Community-Based Housing Opportunities

Whether it is complete residential support or our Family Care program, we can help provide community-based housing to fit your unique needs.

Residential Services

Supported Housing

Our Residential Services provide a home environment and a caring, supportive team of staff who work with more than 200 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to develop the skills that will enable them to lead independent, productive, and meaningful lives. CDS Monarch operates 26 residential homes throughout Monroe and Wayne Counties, including specialized residences for people with autism, hearing impairments, and other medical or behavioral needs.

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Family Care

Family Care provides a safe, natural, family setting for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to receive the care and support they need, with the independence to explore their own interests. Different than group homes, Family Care matches your loved one with a loving family who wants to open their home.

Affordable Housing

We have even more housing opportunities available through CDS Housing , a CDS Life Transitions company.

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