The Journey to Finding Home: Guy’s Story

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 Like most mothers, Charlotte Gosso wants the best for her two children – Guy and Evrim. Unlike most mothers, Charlotte had to fight a lot harder to get to where she is today, having to cross borders, oceans, and escape true danger simply to obtain a sense of security for her family, eventually finding that in CDS Monarch.

In 2011, a second civil war broke out in the African country of Côte d’Ivoire, also known as Ivory Coast. Charlotte made the brave decision to make her way to the Ghana border, to seek refuge, a journey that would prove to be nothing short of difficult. Guy has Cerebral Palsy, and is unable to move on his own. Charlotte had to carry him on her shoulder while traveling on foot through forests, over rivers and finally crossing into Ghana. The Gosso family remained in the country for five years, staying in tents at a refugee camp; Charlotte making whatever little money she could to provide for her children – while dreaming of a better life. Fast forward to December of 2016, Charlotte and her two boys were finally facing their new beginning, as they landed in the United States, prepared to live the life they’d always hoped for.       

With aid from the Catholic Family Center, the Gossos were paired with another family to sponsor them through their new transition into Rochester. They helped with food, shelter, and supplies and services for Guy. In early 2021, Guy and Charlotte were introduced to CDS Monarch and the CDS Life Transitions family of services through the Catholic Family Center.

“By the grace of God we find good people who take care of us,” says Charlotte. “I’m happy that CDS exists. I feel good about all the things they do for Guy. He is always happy, always smiles, always laughing. I thank them for that.”

Since his start in February, Guy has blended in perfectly with his new roommates and the staff at CDS Monarch’s Calkins Road residence. He enjoys being outside, plans to go to the beach frequently this summer, and loves his visits from his mom. Guy is now working towards being able to attend one of CDS Monarch’s day programs, with the goal of a late spring, or early summer start!

For Guy, Charlotte, and Evrim, the journey to finding home was grueling at times, but what the Gosso family now say they have, is a community in CDS Life Transitions – family, support, and everything in between. The staff at CDS is committed to working together with Guy and his family to ensure he receives the best care possible, while reaching life-goals along the way.

Today, we invite you to give to the CDS Wolf Foundation, so we can continue to help people, like Guy and his family, by providing them with the supports and services they need to live fulfilling lives. The mission of CDS Monarch can only be truly realized with the support of donors like you. By giving to the CDS Wolf Foundation, you allow us to keep supporting not only individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, but other unfunded areas of CDS Life Transitions that support veterans and seniors.

Thank you for thinking of CDS and the families that we serve!

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