Chamberlin Rubber Company’s President Recognized as Outstanding Community Donor

On Wednesday, March 5th, President of Chamberlin Rubber Company, Inc., Mr. William Lanigan, was honored by CDS Monarch as a generous community donor. On a personal level, Mr. Lanigan and his wife Beverly, have made several financial and in-kind contributions to Warrior Salute™ and the Nucor House since 2010. His company, Chamberlin Rubber, has also made gifts to The Wolf Foundation in support of CDS Monarch, with specific support directed to Warrior Salute™. A recognition luncheon was held at the Wolf Life Transitions Center (860 Hard Road, Webster) to thank Mr. Lanigan and his company, for their kindness and generosity. Several Veterans were in attendance, to talk about how the services they received at Warrior Salute made an impact in their lives.

“When I first learned about Warrior Salute, I saw an opportunity to help,” stated William Lanigan, President of Chamberlin Rubber Company. “The men and women of Warrior Salute gave all they could for their country, and they still have much to offer. I see an opportunity to help them achieve all they can. I give because I can and because I should.” Mr. Lanigan also expressed his gratitude for all of his employees, stating that, “the company donations directly impact the bonus plan of the employees at Chamberlin Rubber, but no employee has ever begrudged one penny. I have an awesome crew, and they are the ones that make this happen.”

“All of us at CDS Monarch are truly appreciative of the kindness and generosity that Mr. and Mrs. Lanigan, and Chamberlin Rubber Company, have demonstrated over the past several years,” stated Sankar Sewnauth, CDS Monarch President/CEO. “An organization like ours needs the support of community partners in order to continue offering the services that our brave men and women need when they return home. Mr. Lanigan and company are doing just that, and in turn, they have made an positive impact in lives of our Veterans and their families.”

Chamberlin Rubber Company, Inc. is a converter, supplier and sub assembler of industrial/commercial rubber products such as die cut gaskets, seals and strips for use in passenger rail cars as well as other applications. Chamberlin also manufactures ChamFlex® hose assemblies and kits for use in HVAC systems. Located in Rochester, NY for almost 150 years Chamberlin has evolved to meet the needs of its customers providing them with quality products and superior customer service.

Volunteering at CDS Life Transitions will make a positive difference in the lives of the individuals and families in the CDS community.