Relph Benefit Advisors’ CEO Recognized as Outstanding Community Donor

On Tuesday, February 18th, CEO of Relph Benefit Advisors, Mr. Robert G. Relph, Jr., was honored by CDS Monarch for being a kind and generous community donor. Since 2010, Mr. Relph has given both personally, with his wife Deirdre, and from his company to The Wolf Foundation in support of CDS Monarch, with specific support directed to Warrior Salute™. A luncheon is being held to thank Mr. Relph and his company, for their generosity. Several Veterans will be in attendance, to talk about how the services they have been receiving at Warrior Salute are making an impact in their lives.

“I am honored to support CDS Monarch and in particular their efforts to provide support and rehabilitation opportunities to our Veterans who have sacrificed so much for our freedom,” stated Robert G. Relph, Jr., CEO of Relph Benefit Advisors. “We owe our veterans the assistance they need to return to society and pursue life, liberty and happiness.”

“All of us at CDS Monarch are truly grateful for the generosity that Mr. Relph and Relph Benefit Advisors have shown these past few years.,” stated Sankar Sewnauth, CDS Monarch President/CEO. “An organization like ours needs the community to partner with us as we continue to provide the services needed by our brave men and women when they come home. Mr. Relph and his company are doing just that, and in turn, they are helping transform the lives of Veterans and their families.”

Founded in 1966, and now with more than 125 employees, Relph Benefit Advisors is the largest independent firm located in upstate New York devoted exclusively to employee benefits consulting, advisory services, and benefits administration. Relph Benefit Advisors is an innovative leader in Employee Benefits, linking mid-size employers with Fortune 500 caliber Population Health Improvement strategies and programs. Bringing together world class Health Assessments, unique custom plan designs, powerful data mining tools, and an integrated onsite biometric testing and wellness management service, Relph has developed a bridge to finally allow smaller employers to reach the same levels of wellness engagement and medical plan cost control that major corporations have. Relph Benefit Advisors is a founding member of the Benefit Advisors Network, an elite group of the top benefit consulting firms in major markets across the country.

Warrior Salute™ is a service of CDS Monarch, that helps Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, and/or Military Sexual Trauma, regain their lives and dreams by providing quality clinical and rehabilitative therapies, employment opportunities, and temporary housing. Staff work one-on-one with Veterans and their families to help identify their goals, determine the personalized support needed, and implement the services and training necessary to foster growth and development, as they transition back into the civilian community.

CDS Monarch provides support and opportunities for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Veterans, and Seniors to build fulfilling and independent lives as active members of their community. The Wolf Foundation, Inc. is a community-sustained endowment established in support of CDS Monarch, Inc. CDS Monarch is guided by the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to lead a productive, fulfilling life with quality and choice of services. To learn more about CDS Monarch please visit To learn more about Warrior Salute™ please visit

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