Our History


Where It All Began

Continuing Developmental Services, Inc. began with a group of parents whose goal was to ensure quality services would always be available for their children, no matter their ages. This later became known as CDS Monarch  and further developed to form CDS Life Transitions, as we know it today.

Commitment to Providing Rewarding Employment Opportunities

With the goal to provide employment opportunities for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Unistel Industries’ was formed. Shortly after, Unistel’s  growth opened the opportunity to develop a retail product, Salute Seasonings 


Devoted to Supporting Unfunded Areas of Need

Coming full circle, with the support of various community partners and donors, the CDS Wolf Foundation was founded in 2007 with the goal to continue to provide unfunded services like Warrior Salute Veterans Services, for others in the community. 


A Passion for Helping Our Heroes

Upon seeing military personnel come home from war with limited support and with the goal to help struggling veterans successfully transition back into their communities, Warrior Salute Veteran Services was born.


A Mission to Make Affordable, Quality Housing Accessible to All

The need for affordable housing for seniors and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities became evident in New York State. As a result, CDS Housing was formed with the goal to provide quality, affordable housing opportunities for those in our community. We became the first non-profit developer building these affordable, accessible communities, including units set aside for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, veterans, families and seniors, in New York State.


A Commitment to Improving the System

When it became clear that New York State intended to move to a Managed Care System, iCircle Services was created by providers with a passion for caring for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, in the hopes of maintaining quality care and improving the lives of the people we serve. Even before the state was ready to make the change, iCircle began operating as a Managed Long-Term Care Plan for people with chronic illnesses. iCircle is provider and individual focused, with a commitment to quality customer service, which is why it has quickly grown to assist more than 3,000 people across 22 counties in Upstate New York.


Dedication to Educating our Community

In an effort to provide professional development resources to our CDS Life Transitions team, the Allentoff  Institute was formed. Today, a wide variety of classes are open to CDS staff, individuals we serve, and the community at large.


At the Forefront of Major Changes

When New York State began the shift to Managed Care, Health Homes were created to handle service coordination for Medicaid eligible individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. CDS Monarch worked with a number of community partners to create Prime Care Coordination. CDS Monarch is proud to have ownership in a company which is committed to providing the best possible care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, those already in the system, and those entering the system now.


Bringing Pharmacy Experience to Human Services

Building on its 45-year history of supporting people with a variety of needs, CDS Life Transitions expanded its affiliates to include CDS Rx Pharmacy, the first full-service pharmacy in the local human services landscape. CDS Rx is an integrated pharmacy service where the pharmacist, patient, and care manager work together for the best health outcomes. This patient-centered pharmacy model is at the heart of CDS Rx.