Salute Seasonings is Feeding the Needs of Area Veterans

Salute Seasonings is expanding its reach. The gourmet spice blend brand, which recognizes the contributions of veterans, is adding seven more flavors to its lineup.

The spices are produced and packaged in Rochester through Unistel, the manufacturing division of CDS Monarch.

Starting November 01, the spices will hit the shelves of area Wegman stores.

100 percent of the sales benefits CDS Monarch’s Warrior Salute program, which helps veterans like Jon Stanely transition back into society through services like its vocational rehabilitation program.

“It’s kind of getting back into the workforce and getting back into the routine of things. You’re not in the element where you’re really nervous and anxious. So I had the vocational training and the PTSD element of it. ”

The Iraq Veteran not only completed the program he’s also the Planning Coordinator for Salute Seasonings production.

He oversees a group of adults with developmental disabilities that help with the manufacturing of the spice blends.

“It’s rewarding because not only are you giving back to them, they’re actually giving back to you so you have that sense of purpose and that sense of desire and self worth that you’re lacking once you get out the military, continued Stanley.

CDS Monarch’s President Sankar Sewnauth put the wheels in motion for the Warrior Salute program five years ago. “We needed to step in and do something for our veterans. We had all the clinical therapies, the buildings, and we said you know wouldn’t it be great to help the individuals get back into their society and their community and regain their life. ”

Sewnauth said with the help of the program’s vocational rehabilitation and Unistel Program 300 people, including veterans now have jobs.

“We realized the young men and women that go to the army or military are usually graduating from high school and they don’t have a resume except their military experience. What Warrior Salute does is give these veterans a resume so that they can go back into the workforce as well. ”

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Unistel spices lined up while an employee fills the spice containersThree men smiling for a photo with one of the men holding an award they have received