Warrior Salute: serving those who served

Warrior Salute: serving those who served

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC-TV) – It looks like any home nestled in a quiet Rochester community, yet this structure is a major sanctuary for veterans who need assistance re-starting their lives after the military and traumatic events.

As the president and CEO of CDS Life Transitions, Sanker Sewnauth, told us, the program is all about giving a second start to those who served. “The ultimate goal is to get you back home,” said Sewnauth. “Get you back in your community.”

Frank Visciglia is a veteran currently going through the program and is already an advocate. He says, “They care about us so much. The staff and the medical people.”

Warrior Salute is holding a “Toast to Veterans” on November 8 at the Strathallan Hotel in Rochester. The event is designed to raise the funds necessary to operate the program and honor those who served.

Visciglia had some thoughts for those in the military community who might be struggling. He says, “The help is there. You have to make that first step and reach for it.”

This year’s fundraiser will feature Army veteran David Kendrick, Jr. of the Lion Speaking Agency, and retired Army Lieutenant General Robert Dail.

For more information on the third annual CDS “Salute: A Toast to Veterans”, and how you can be a part of this program helping veterans, visit http://www.cdswarriorsalute.org/

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