Co-Founder of CDS Monarch, Phyllis Wolf is laid to rest but the Wolf Legacy remains

Webster, NY – Saturday, October 18th, 2014 – Co-founder of CDS Monarch, Phyllis Wolf passed away peacefully on Friday September 12, 2014. A memorial service will be held at the Pittsford Presbyterian Church in Pittsford, NY on Saturday October 18, 2014 at 11:00AM with a reception to follow.

Mrs. Wolf and her husband, Lewis Wolf founded CDS Monarch in 1977 on the common notion that all parents share – to give their child, Daryl, and others like him with developmental disabilities, the best life possible, with the best opportunities to succeed, to be happy, and have a fulfilling life.

Mr. and Mrs. Wolf started with humble beginnings, meeting in their homes, bringing together a group of parents who wanted more for their children with developmental disabilities. Their vision was independence, inclusion, and new opportunities for their loved ones. They opened the first residence in 1978 and things blossomed from there, never losing sight of the people being served or the hard-working, dedicated staff who supported them in the pursuit of their personal dreams.

Mrs. Wolf served, on the Board of Directors for 35 years. She spent her life committed to improving the lives of those with disabilities, and to define a new era in the care provided to the disabled in Rochester, NY area.

CDS Monarch’s Wolf Life Transitions Center, located in Webster, N.Y., is named to honor the Wolf Family legacy for people with disabilities in the community. It was built in 2008 to help those with special needs transition more effectively into the community. This Center via a wide variety of innovative therapies and environments helps people obtain skills, and prepare them to achieve their personal goals and dreams. This Center stands brightly in our community as a remembrance to the Wolfs and their sacrifices along their life’s journey on behalf of people with developmental disabilities.

The Wolfs unselfishly devoted themselves to all of the individuals who have received services from CDS Monarch over the years. Their courage, determination, and hard work played a major role in the success of this agency, and their vision has made a profound impact in our community. The future is bright because of the firm foundation they laid.

Sankar Sewnauth, President/CEO of CDS Monarch stated,“Our thoughts are with the Wolf family at this difficult time. With immense gratitude, all of us at CDS Monarch honor Mrs. Wolf and Mr. Wolf for their incredible dedication to, and support of, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our community. CDS Monarch will maintain their vision and continue to honor their legacy.”

CDS Monarch now serves more than 1,700 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and has expanded to also help veterans and seniors in our community. The vision of our founders to support people with developmental disabilities so that they can thrive in their communities is what drives CDS Monarch today.