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Who We Are

Unistel Industries is a Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified and FDA approved manufacturer of food products and the Salute Seasonings brand. Part of the CDS Life Transitions company, Unistel Industries is a private, not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation operating in New York State since 1977. Unistel is a preferred source provider through a partnership with the AbilityOne Program and Source America. Customers rely on our expertise in packaging, consolidation, assembly and warehousing to get their projects completed.

Our highly skilled and dedicated team provides quality products and services to those we serve and offers employment opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and veterans.

From restaurants to retailers, Unistel Industries is proud to serve as the trusted spice provider to partners around the world.

30+ years of experience in Spice Processing, Innovation, and Customer Service 

With headquarters in Rochester, NY, Unistel Industries has a proven reputation for providing premium, quality products, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to our customers and community. 

Our Commitment to You

We believe our relationships with our customers are just as important as the services we provide and the products we deliver.  

Unistel is commited to Security


Safety is a priority in every service we provide and all the products we deliver. We ensure the safety and security of receiving, manufacturing, warehousing, and delivery of our products.

Unistel is committed to accessibility and guarantee

Accessibility and Guarantee 

We stand behind what we do and offer ongoing, dedicated and personal customer support beyond delivery. We are an available resource to provide assistance with any problem, concern or last-minute need.

Unistel is committed to quality

Quality Assurance

Unistel  Industries is backed by a robust quality assurance and lab testing process that is designed to meet the highest standards of testing, review, evaluation, formulating, safety and security. 

We hold the following quality ratings:

  • Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certified Level 3—excellent rating 
  • NY State Department of Agriculture & Markets Certified 
  • FDA compliant to new FSMA » Star K—Kosher Certified
Unistel is committed to innovation


As problem solvers, the Unistel team looks for unique processes and innovative solutions that will help deliver the most cost-effective and reliable product to our customers.

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Adding Mission to the Mix 

At Unistel Industries , we are equally dedicated to providing quality customer service and improving the lives of others in our community. Proceeds generated by the sale of our gourmet seasonings and spice blend brand, Salute Seasonings , benefit Warrior Salute Veteran Services, a CDS Life Transitions company.

We are also proud to partner with CDS Monarch, another CDS Life Transitions company, in providing employment opportunities to local veterans and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our Team

Meet Our Leadership

  • Andrew Sewnauth
    Andrew Sewnauth
    Andrew Sewnauth, MBA, MDiv
    Chief Executive Officer, CDS Life Transitions
    Executive Director, CDS Monarch
    Andrew Sewnauth joined CDS Monarch in 2005 when he began his career as a direct support professional and has served in numerous capacities since his start. He is the Executive Director of CDS Monarch, with responsibilities for all day-to-day operations as well as administrative functions. As Chief Executive Officer for CDS Life Transitions, he supports all affiliates through strategic leadership.
  • Jerry McCullough
    Jerry McCullough
    Jerry McCullough
    Business Developer
    Jerry McCullough has been involved with the CDSLT organization for almost fifteen years and has served on the Board of Directors for CDS Monarch, CDS Life Transitions, and CDS Wolf Foundation, as well as on many committees. He has been a big supporter the golf fundraiser for many years as well as donating to construct the Nucor house. Having an uncle with developmental and intellectual disabilities who lived where no programs for support inspired him to become part of the CDSLT Team. Recently Jerry joined the team as Business Developer at CDS Unistel to tell our story and promote growth within the Salute Seasonings industry.
  • Chad Williams
    Chad Williams
    Chad Williams
    Associate Director of Employment Services
    Chad started with CDS back in 2007, and worked in a variety of departments before joining employment services in 2012.  Chad started out as a vocational counselor and is now the Associate Director of Employment Services.  Currently he has oversight of all employment services, such as community pre-vocational, site based pre-vocational and supportive employment, as well as community habilitation.
  • James Patchett
    James Patchett
    James Patchett
    Production Manager
    Jim joined CDS in 2017 and has over 40 years of production management experience.  His role  is overseeing the day to day operations of the Unistel workforce.  This includes managing the scheduling of all production activities as well meeting daily shipping requirements.  In addition, Jim ensures quality standards are met to meet our customers’ expectations.

Join Our Team

We’re always looking for caring, compassionate, and talented people to join our growing team.